The Community Job Board is a  currency free  workforce networking & collaboration platform that offers basic recruitment & job hunting services to the workplace (i.e. business) community of South Africa.

The Job Board was developed and is specifically designed to be beneficial for both employers and candidates by providing an on-line networking and collaboration platform that - on the one hand - provides a searchable Résumé/CV database for the sourcing of manpower and - on the other - allows for the searching and filtering of current available career opportunities.

To accountably establish this basic job board functions and features; only legitimate employers will be allowed to make use of the Job Board's on-line functionality and passive candidates (thus, candidates inactive on the Job Board for the past 6 months) will, after an email notification, be removed from the Job Board's searchable Résumé/CV database.


Establish and sustain a manpower sourcing, development and on-line / off-line collaboration networking "tool", using 'operational real time information' to narrow the ever increasing gap between skills & competencies required by employers and that what - either present or prospective - employees have to offer.

A "virtual platform" that is a collection of skills & competencies which are - par excellenceexclusively focused on climate rather than process results and outcomes.


To maintain an electronic evolving "recruitment" platform, allowing employers to post vacancies that candidates can apply for. A platform which is supported by a robust article and Q&A collaboration structure to efficiently share knowledges, points of view and experiences with fellow job board community members.

To ensure and monitor that Job Board content and materials remain as  relevant  and current as possible by sustaining an ongoing operational research framework to specifically deal with the impact of constant workplace changes.

Next steps

Launch an active awareness campaign...

  • for employers to understand the benefits and value of using the Community Job Board as platform to meet their recruitment needs.
  • for candidates to realize that job hunting is far more involved, than simply uploading your CV to as many available Job Boards as possible.
  • to contextualize self-organizing networks, promote self-determination and encourage specialized knowledge.

Short term objectives

Establish the Community Job Board as a credible workforce  networking and collaboration platform that...

  1. employers could regard as a dependable manpower source to search for, filter and recruit quality employees.
  2. candidates will perceive as the on-line platform that offers them a prime opportunity to best showcase their skills and talents.
  3. actively encourage and promote sharing of mutually beneficial information, knowledge and experiences.

Long term goal

Expand and extent Community Job Board features and functions to also serve as an educational platform that will provide people (especially learners & students) with a credible and reliable source of information which they could explored to determine the needs and requirements of a modern and rapid changing place of work. When substantial data is collected (i.e. job specifications) and reasonable statistic generated, this "real time" information can be utilized by individuals to pro-actively prepare themselves to meet workplace demands, requirements and expected standards with confidence.

Key Community Job Board Focus

To actively search for and identify resourceful individuals (both employers & candidates) that are...

  • troubleshooters,
  • problem solvers and
  • willing to co-creatively & systematically...
  • ...strive towards seeking and implementing viable solutions to obstacles and problems experienced.
    In essence it is all about performance and delivering results!

How does the Community Job Board work!

Job Board Ethics - applicable for all registered users - are founded on the following basic principles...
  • FAITH, a faith in oneself, other people, the human spirit / energies (i.e. the human spring) and the underlying - much neglected - goodness of man.
  • TRUST, trusting others to be as committed and dedicated as you are prepared, willing and able to be yourself.
  • INTEGRITY, righteousness in all that is done, said and actions taken. Always, everywhere and towards everyone involved, regardless of purpose, function and context.
  • RESPECT, respect for each and everyone, and valuing the unique individuality, spirit, experience, culture and contribution of each person. To draw strength from human diversities, while at the same time encouraging personal growth and development (i.e. self-empowerment) for oneself and others.
  • TEAMWORK, teams or groups (i.e. cooperation and co-creation) are the essence of any individual's ability to succeed, prosper and cope with the many demands and challenges of our modern day society.
  • LOYALTY, an allegiance to the overall good of the job board community. This require that we all learn from one another and share our experiences, knowledge, skills and resources as best we possibly can.
  • PROFESSIONALISM, a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, pursuing innovation, deploying our imagination, being open to new ideas and acting decisively and consistently (i.e. to "walk our talk" and setting an example of gracious conduct... NOW!).
The Community Job Board's ethical foundation, is the first line of safeguards to curb manipulations, mutual exploitation and misuse of data & sensitive / personal information of Community Job Board participants (i.e. members). The second line of safeguards is the monitoring and enforcing of (via the AltanaWatchdog) the following rules of the "game"...
  1. Only legitimate, validated and approved employers will be allowed to post vacancies (i.e. jobs) on the Community Job Board (safeguard geared for candidates to limit possible exploitations).
  2. Candidates, inactive on the Community Job Board, for longer than 6 months and who didn't respond to a notification email send in this regard, will be removed from the searchable résumé database (safeguard geared for employers to only search as relevant, up-to-date & accurate résumés as possible).
By collectively accepting and submitting to the above, will make it possible to establish and maintain the Community Job Board's founding philosophy of becoming and being the "place" where the right candidates can meet the right employers, and vice versa, with the aim to actively encourage and promote a harmonious environmental fit.

In essence the Community Job Board was designed, developed and implemented to allow for "targeted"-search capabilities applicable for employers and candidates that could accommodate their respective needs and context.

A "Target"-search is an advanced searching capability which allow employers - on the one hand - to fine tune and combine a detailed set of search parameters to easily filter through plenty of résumés and list "target" candidates that meet these search parameters. Community Job Board "targeted"-searches offers employers the opportunity to easily search for and identify candidates that meet a specific set and combination of requirements. On the other hand "targeted"-searches also benefit candidates by allowing them to make use of the same search methods and parameters to search available position listed on the Community Job Board. The key principle underlying "targeted"-searches is to obtain a more efficient and better synchronization or match, between what the employer requires (i.e. need) and that what candidates have to offer. Another mentionable design feature of the Community Job Board is the so called "drill-down"-method. This feature is an extremely handy function that employers can use when filtering and shortlisting applicants. Employers may kickoff the shortlisting process by first reading an applicant's cover letter (summarized applicant information). When interested can proceed to deal with the applicant's résumé (a brief description of achievements and accomplishments). If still interested can go through an applicant's CV (comprehensive list and description of the applicant's professional life). Key Scan applicant cover letters Read résumé of applicants that "catch the eye" Study CV of applicants that seem to have the best "matching" possibility (i.e. drill-down to detail when needed).
The source of Community Job Board credits, and subsequent rankings, are triggered and allocated to a logged in "user" when s/he uses available Community Job Board functions and features. The allocation of credits is primarily a system defined function that automatically assign credits when a user (both employers & candidates) logs into and use Job Board functions. Job Board assigned ranking is the result of accumulated credits allocated to a particular user. Ranking - in essence - is an indication / description of user involvement with and participation in Job Board functions, as well as his/her involvement in community related activities. Job Board members are able to monitor the credits earned and the system rank assigned, by navigating to the footer of a web page. Users must be logged in to access and see credits earned and ranking assigned. Credits are awarded to Job Board participants based on activities/functions broadly categorized as follows...
  1. Assigning credits for personal progression and empowerment.
  2. ♥︎ Assigned credits for community involvement, shares & contributions.

Widgets In Tabs

  • Awarding of Credits

    Various actions & activities that will earn a user credits when interacting (i.e. being logged in) with the Job Board and Job Board community...

    Credits Action
    12 Job Board Registration
    25 ♥︎ Comment on Published Articles
    80 ♥︎ Receive comment on your article published
    2 Visiting Job Board
    170 ♥︎ Publishing an Article
    100 Uploading of Documents
    80 Résumé, CV & Job Board Profile Workshop
    110 Learning Strategies & Career Focus Workshop
    300 Interview Preparation Workshop
    600 ME-Pro Workshop
    0 ♥︎ Additional Credits for Article Published
    60 Completed Résumé
    300 Upload eRésumé
    5 ♥︎ Post Question on Job Board Q&A
    15 ♥︎ Comment on an Answer posted
    13 ♥︎ Comment on Q&A posted
    50 ♥︎ Answer a Question posted
    150 Validation of Qualifications
  • Rank Descriptions

    Based on credits allocated, the following ranks are assigned to Job Board participants:

    Only registered a professinal profile on the Networking Job Board and merely complies with minimum Job Board registration requirements.

    Spend the time and took the effort to upgrade his/her professional profile to comply with basic Networking Job Board criteria and requisites.

    Using available Networking Job Board resources and features to strengthen his/her current professional profile and to extend his/her professional network.

    Spending the time and making an effort to comply with Networking Job Board minimum standards in order to enhancing his/her professional profile and expanding his/her current professional network.

    Above average standard professional profile, fairly acceptable professional network and provide some advice to assist the Networking Job Board community.

    Excellent professional profile, expanded professional network, contributor to current Networking Job Board activities and willing to share information, knowledge and experiences with the Job Board community as a whole.

    Excellent & special professional profile, extensive professional network, devoted contributor to present Networking Job Board activities & processes and outstanding in sharing information, knowledge and experiences with the Job Board community and others, if and when required.

Keep in mind that the Community Job Board is designed, build and sustained around a currency free concept. This implies that "free" services offered by the Job Board - by implication - expect some kind of community service or contribution to the Job Board's community (i.e. its registered members). Community contributions are designed to function as follows...
  1. The Community Job Board's article section, which is the platform that employers can use to communicate and share relevant workplace information with candidates in particular and fellow employers in general.
  2. The question and answer section (Q&A) can be used by candidates to aid and assist one another with workplace preparations and job hunting quests, by sharing information, knowledge and experiences.
Keep in mind: That Job Board Community involvement and participation will earn any job board member substantial credits, which will result in higher Job Board rankings and - in turn - result in a higher listing on search-result pages. Something that is applicable for searches conducted by both employers (candidate résumé) and candidates (best opportunity to apply talent).
As already indicated earlier, basic and standardized Community Job Board services are currency free. However, when individualized and customized services are requested, such services (i.e. courses, workshops, training programs and individual coaching sessions) are offered at reasonable prices. Individualized and customized services currently available within the AltanaESP Network are...
  • Learning Strategies & Career Focus Workshop
  • Interview Preparation Workshop
  • ME-Pro Course
  • SWOT-analysis and self-empowerment strategies

The Community Job Board is fully geared for the present - rapid emerging - emotions economy that is sourcing from a mutual trust position and allow both candidates and employers to create, establish and sustain a healthy and productive on-line reputation (i.e. a legacy).