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Résumé(s) are the foundation of the Networking Job Board, and forms the backbone for searches conducted by employers. Thus, an updated and fully completed résumé are encouraged, which might allow for a more accurate and relevant inclusion in search results, when employers conduct candidate résumé searches. Attaching and including an image (i.e. photo) with a résumé is always preferable, because it allows employers - considering a Job Board on-line résumé - to see/"meet" the person which is "described" by the résumé. You are able to upload your CV to the Networking Job Board, when you either create or edit a résumé. For consistency sake, please ensure that your résumé is an accurate synopsis and reflection of the CV that you upload to the Job Board.
The different positions listed on the Job Board, will each require their own set of supportive documentation. It, therefore, is best practice to first determine what supporting documentation is required by the "advertised" position, before uploading supportive documentation to your résumé. However, it is always a good practice to upload certified copies of your present qualifications.
Social media (e.g. LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google) is an cost-efficient way to gain and maintain on-line exposure to bring your work profile to the attention of potential employers. But exercise extreme caution when using social media as an extension to your current work profile, because it might become a ticking time-bomb that could could "blow-up" in your face, without you even being aware of it. Modern day employers - increasingly - use social media (i.e. on-line searches) to learn and discover "more" about the candidates they are interested in. This employer action, dubbed the "absent interview", can be to your strategic advantage (when dealt with responsibly & purposefully ) to get ahead of the competition. But, it can be equally as damaging, when dealt with irresponsibly and without a proper supportive strategy/plan to your present job hunting quest.
To go the extra mile when compiling and sustaining you professional work profile, will surely distinguish you from the "average" crowd and place you ahead of the competition. Presently you can...
  • attend a workshop to utilize Networking Job Board functions and features efficiently to bring your on-line work profile to the attention of possible employers.
  • register a Gravatar Profile, that can serve as your on-line business card and can be attached as a vcf card to your email.
  • upload an éRésumé which will provide interested employers with an opportunity to "meet" you "in person".
  • attend a workshop to sharpen your interviewing skills to efficiently present the employer with the kind of information that s/he is looking for.
  • attend a MePro course to sharpen, enhance and extent your professionalism, professional attitude and competency for life in general and the work place in particular.
The above "extra mile opportunities" can also be supplemented and extended with individual coaching sessions to fine-tune, tweak and adjust your personal work profile to confidently meet the diverse demands and requirements of an ever and rapid changing modern place of work.