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The basic and essential services of the Networking Job board are currency free and can be used by registered candidates to...
  • create a work profile, compile a résumé(s), upload a CV and relevant documentation.
  • search for and explore best match possibilities between what employers need / require and what a candidate has to offer.
  • draft a cover letter(s), before apply for a vacancy or job opening listed on the Community Job Board.
The above implies that sensitive and personal data needs to be uploaded, saved on-line and made available to interested parties. This requires that it should take place within a secure online environment to prevent the "harvesting" and misuse of personal information. Therefore, only registered and logged in members will be permitted to make use of available Job Board features and functions.
When you register as member and log in, to make use of Networking Job Board features and functions, it will be automatically assumed that you accept the current ruling terms & conditions and ethics of the AltanaESP Network of services and available System functions... of which the Networking Job Board is an integral part of. To make use of Networking Job Board features, compile résumés and/or apply for positions, requires that you have to be registered as a candidate and logged in to the Community Job Board. Once logged in, you will be automatically directed to the candidate control panel to utilize the different Job Board functions and features available to logged in candidates.
The candidate control panel allows candidates to perform various task "in-one-place" easily. From the control panel a candidate can...
  1. Create, add and edit Cover Letters.
  2. Compile, add and edit Résumés.
  3. Search for and filter "best-matched" positions listed on the Job Board.
  4. Apply for and monitor the positions applied for.
  5. Update and edit your Community Job Board account & work profile.