Free of charge? It is unusual… Why would anyone just give valuable information and online services away?

You and I both know that “normal” people just don’t do this kind of thing. No one just gives away stuff – worth thousands of rands – without some sneaky and underhanded up-sell, cross-sell or some kind of catch in mind. To give away valuable information and elementary recruitment services just like that at the very least, is pretty peculiar and weird.

However, the Networking Job Board isn’t your normal, nor average, job board. The Networking Job Board’s purpose, mission, goals, objectives, architecture and vision, already provide more than enough hints to this effect. The Networking Job Board’s long term goal (i.e. our vision) is to successfully create, effectively establish and efficiently sustain an online professional networking podiumserving employers, employees and candidates aliketo strategically limit, decrease and hopefully close the growing professional networking gap that currently exist between people providing job opportunities, persons doing those jobs and individuals who wish to pursue a dream career.

Essentially the Networking Job Board is about an awareness of why the gap presently exists, a platform for sharing information, experiences, opinions, views and a realization that one can do something and has a choice to actually – apart from complainingdo something about it. The Networking Job Board is an online networking system with the exclusive purpose to allow people to become aware of and “see” all kinds of possibilities and alternatives that exists to – on the one hand – recruit and appoint dream employees (the right candidate), and – on the other – to follow and pursue a dream career (the right employer).

Technically speaking, this is the Networking Job Board’s envisioned strategy. How all of these strategies and plans will eventually play out… we can only estimate… because, there is no guarantees in life, only opportunities, opportunities that we can decide to grab …or decide not to.

Instead of waiting for guarantees, better days, confirmations or a more convenient time, the Networking Job Board is offering basic, elementary and complimentary recruitment support functions and professional networking services free of chargeby the reasoning of – the more people that gets involved, the more  extensive the variations of available job opportunities and kaleidoscope of skill-sets, which – eventually – will benefit the Networking Job Board online community at large.

By building and expanding individual professional networks, all Networking Job Board members collectively gain from one another’s efforts made. Regardless whether an employer, employee or candidate.

Basic, elementary and complimentary services are free of charge, but – and here is the catch – Networking Job Board game rules are strict… and, although you don’t pay money for basic, elementary and complimentary services… you “have to pay” for such services by investing your time & effort towards personal branding and collectively contribute towards the online Networking Job Board community.