The AltanaESP umbrella of Network services and System applicationsof which the Networking Job Board is an integral part of – actively strive to ensure that both service procedures and application processes adhere to the highest standard and finest quality humanly possible.

To achieve the above stated quality assurance objective, the AltanaWatchdog online support center was developed and implemented to manage user-friendliness of the system and the standard & quality of network services offered to clients, which are merged under the auspices of the AltanaESP umbrella.

The AltanaWatchdog quality assurance and support center consists of the following two subdivisions…

The AltanaWatchdog Knowledgebase is an AltanaESP Network & System FAQ-database, with a dedicated Networking Job Board category (i.e. section), which contains frequently asked questions about the function and operation of the AltanaESP Network & System.

The AltanaWatchdog Ticket System allows people – after registering an AltanaWatchdog account – to open, submit and track the progress (i.e. status) of submitted tickets. Tickets can be opened and submitted to report AltanaESP Network & System matters, such as…
  • problems experienced,
  • issues noted,
  • misuse of privileges (e.g. spamming other members),
  • various questions and queries, …etc.

To efficiently deal with, manage, control and ensure the quality of a Network of services and System applications of the magnitude and scope of the AltanaESP umbrella ultimately requires a collective effort of all Network & System members, participants and users. Hence, the existence, structure and specific composition of the AltanaWatchdog quality assurance and support center.

Within a Networking Job Board context, the following quality assurance facets are “watched” collectively

The networking Job Bord’s primary goal and objective is professional networking, which is supported by an active recruitment function and feature.

When the contact details of a Networking Job Board member (irrespective whether an employer, HR-officer, recruiter or candidate) are either outdated or expired, it no longer serve the primary objective of professional networking, nor is it supportive to the recruitment feature.

In cases like this, it just make a lot of sense to disable the member’s account and remove him/her from the active searchable Networking Job Board database.

The core purpose and key mission of the Networking Job Board is professional networking with the sole prospect of harmonizing a mutual beneficial recruiting process, which will allow…

  • employerson the one hand – to effectively recruit and appoint the right candidate (i.e. to appoint the best person for the job) ,
  • and – on the other – allow candidates to productively find and secure the right job in agreement with their identified career development strategy (i.e. to excel professionally).

Essential to the above, is spot on résumés and tailored CV’s.

Therefore, all candidates are inspirited to tweak their professional profiles by means of the professional networking tips & trick provided and employers (&HR-officers, recruiters) are encouraged to post job specifications that will enable candidates to responsibly tweak their professional profile (e.g. résumé and/or CV) to accountably highlight the needs and requirements of the job.

When all Networking Job Board members will – at the very least – make an effort to adhere to and promote this particular aspect, then the Networking Job Board can productively meet the goal and objectives for which it was initially developed and established.

Supportive to the foregoing aspect of “résumé & CV applicability and relevancy“, requires that all vacancies posted on the Networking Job Board should – at least – adhere to the minimum standards of posting vacancies on the Networking Job Board.

This will allow candidates to present a professional profile to prospective employers that accountably highlights how they – possibly – might be able to successfully meet the needs and requirements of the job posted.

A comprehensive and complete description of job needs and requirements has the additional benefit, both for present and prospective candidates, to remain up to date with modern day job demands and challenges. As well as the opportunity to decide and prepare themselves in advance to hold similar positions in future.

In essence… the posting and advertising of positions on the Networking Job Board podium – apart from its recruitment and appointing benefitsadd an educational dimension to the Networking Job Board by providing individuals with a “modern workplace” research opportunity to…

  • Decide on a career path,
  • Prepare a job search strategy and
  • Excel professionally

Before allowing any employer, recruiter or HR-officer to search the Networking Job Board database, register a company and/or posting a vacancy (i.e. a job) on the Networking Job Board, all employers (i.e. people providing job opportunities) are validated beforehand to determine job opportunity legitimacy.

The Networking Job Board – as best as possible – takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that only legitimate employers make use of and/or post vacancies on the Networking Job Board podium. However, it isn’t always realistically possible to do so with a 100% accuracy rate and – from time to time – it could happen that employers might exploit Networking Job Board privileges to only benefit themselves at the expense of candidates.

Therefore, when anyone becomes aware of or notice that an employer (or candidate for that matter) is abusing Networking Job Board functions and features (i.e. breaking the rules), please notify us accordingly by opening and submitting a ticket on the AltanaWatchdog platform.

A Networking Job Board database that isn’t up to date and contains plenty of professional profiles that are either expired or no longer valid, is a database not really worth using and more of a frustration than it is supportive to any recruitment drive.

Therefore, the Networking Job Board strives to maintain a professional database that is as up to date as possible and – when searched – will deliver a majority of results (i.e. professional profiles) that are current and relevant.

In order to achieve the “up-to-date-databaseobjective, the Networking Job Board database is scheduled to be “cleaned out” every 3 months and all candidate accounts, which were inactive for the past 6 months, will be removed and deleted from the active searchable Networking database. This will – to a greater or lesser extent – maintain a database containing predominant useful and relevant professional profile records.

The core purpose and key mission of the Networking Job Board is to establish and sustain an online professional networking podium, that can be extended with offline interactions when applicable.

Therefore, all Networking Job Board members have access to the contact details of registered companies, employers, recruiters, HR-officers and candidates. This particular Networking Job Board function and feature is made available, so that members can expand their present professional network by ethically and responsibly conduct the following actions and activities…

  • For research,
  • making decision
  • prepare for
  • excel professionally
  • recruitment drives,
  • offline interactions where necessary
  • closing the gap
  • remain up to date with workplace challenges and requirements.
  • Sharing and exchanging information.

Abusing the above privilege by spamming other Networking Job Board members is – in a Networking Job Board context – regarded as a “criminal offense“, which is not tolerated and will be dealt with severely.

There isn’t any second chances or excuses, when you are spaming any company(ies), employer(s) and/or candidate(s), your Networking Job Board account will be immediately suspended, investigated and – when guilty –  your Networking Job Board account will be deleted and your online credentials (i.e. name, email & IP address) blacklisted on all available anti-spam databases used by most Internet Service Providers.

You have been warned… spamming is a serious offense and will be treaded as such!

When you first register and open a user account on the Networking Job Board, you have agreed not to post nor upload or submit – any materials or content which are knowingly false, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, sexually orientated, threatening or invasive of another person’s privacy, inclusive of materials or content which may violate any law of South Africa.

All Networking Job Board members are expected to honor and to comply to this agreement at all times.

When we all collectively pitch in to “watch” the quality and standard of the Networking Job Board and associated online community, it becomes practically feasible to ensure that the Networking Job Board is developed and maintained to the mutual benefit of all participating members.