Minimum Standards, in the context of the Networking Job Board are the minimum requirements or standards (i.e. the bare basics) that are consider as essential for the building, maintenance and expanding of a professional network. Minimum standards, do differ from the expected ideal or perfect circumstances, but at least it provide a sound starting point that is good-enough“-information to initiate, develop, enhance, expand and sustain productive professional interactions and/or relationships.

The Networking Job Board require the following minimum standards for…

The minimum information required to populate all profile contact details that is attached to each Networking Job Board user account…

  • Relevant, current and up-to-date contact details, which is the responsibility of and should be maintained and/or updated – as often as needed – by the Networking Job Board account holder.
  • Complete the Biographical Info text area with an abstract regarding your capabilities and achievements (in the case of candidate user accounts) OR areas of expertise, services and/or products (in the case of employer user accounts).
  • Profile image to put a face to the profile. Preferably the image should be attached to the profile with a Gravatar link.

Candidates are encourage to compile a different number of focused résumés, and accompanied targeted CV’s, of which each should at least have…

  • Recent and up-to-date contact information.
  • A résumé image.
  • Verifiable qualifications, achievement and supportive documents.

The Networking Job Board strive to provide candidates with an opportunity to explore and research job opportunities and subsequent workplaces. For this reason all companies registered and posting vacancies on the networking Job Board, should at least capture the following information…

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Contact person and details
  • A brief description of the company’s operations
  • Company website URL

Companies, may or may not have, different department and each department should at least have a…

  • Departmental name
  • Brief departmental operational description

Candidates, registered on the Networking Job Board are encouraged to conduct job research to accommodate job requirements and needs, before applying for any position as advertised on the Networking Job Board. This implies that vacancies posted on the Networking Job Board must at least contain the following descriptions and information…

  • Key or essential purpose of the position
  • Qualifications, knowledge and technical expertise needed to do the job
  • An indication of how “many” and what type of work experiences are required, preferably differentiated in terms of compulsory and preferred work experiences.
  • The tasks, duties and responsibilities connected to the job

Each and every Networking Job Board member is encouraged – as applicable – to at least comply with the minimum standards as indicated above. Failure to complyin the long term – with Networking Job Board minimum standards, might result in the termination of your Networking Job Board account, as a result of the prevailing online community spirit and context of the Networking Job Board’s core purpose, key mission and associated quality assurance protocols.