Networking Job Board rules are actually fairly simple, straight forward and governed by the “master” rule of… accepting and exercising personal responsibility within the context and constraints of group accountability to collectively close the networking gap that presently exist between employers, employees and candidates.

Seen in a Networking Job Board context and reworded into reality terms, the master ruleessentially – boils down to the following…

  1. The master rule depends heavily on the personal integrity, ethics and virtue of every Job Board member.
  2. Networking Job Board members can freely make use of available function and features as they prefer, wish to, see fit and find necessary to build or expand their current professional profile and network (i.e. personal responsibility),
  3. providing thatwhen doing so – members do not limit or prevent or curb other members from doing the same and to make effective use of the same or similar benefits (i.e. group accountability) and, optionally,
  4. to share and exchange ideas, views, knowledge and experiences with one another to the mutual benefit of all Networking Job Board members (i.e. collectively closing the gap).

Thus, Networking Job Board rules serve a similar function and purpose as traffic rules… as long as everybody honor, stick to the rules and remain within its boundaries… every one has the freedom to go where they like, prefer or wish to be. But… when members either ignore or disregard the rules and prevent other members from exercising their freedoms (i.e. being inconsiderate to others)… the Networking Job Board “road network” becomes unsafe for everyone to use.

Under these circumstances, offending Networking Job Board members, will be notified accordingly and – when corrective actions are not taken in time – will be promptly removed from the Networking Job Board online community.

The following “key-rule” violations usually give rise to the immediate cancellation and deletion of Networking Job Board member accounts…

  • Spamming and harassing other job board members.
  • Consistently applying for positions and jobs for which a candidate doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, capabilities and experiences.
  • Employers that continuously exploit and push individuals into unwise directions.
  • The persistent abuse and misuse of member contact details to benefit one’s own case, regardless the impact and/or influence it has on other members.