Bridging the Professional Networking Gap

As already indicated, the core purpose and key mission of the Networking Job Board is to create and establish an online professional networking podium that is mutually beneficial for both employer and candidate members.

To efficiently achieve this goal, a collaborative preparation-dimension was added to the Networking Job Board, which is supported by the following two important components…

  1.  employers provide information regarding the current trends, needs, requirements and challenges of the present workplace.
  2. candidates (i.e. adults) and/or prospective candidates (i.e. learners & students) use this information to  prepare themselves, before hand (i.e. before applying for a job), to successfully meet workplace requirements and challenges.

In order to realize the preparation dimension for productive and successful execution within the Networking Job Board context, the existing job board structure (i.e. the posting and applying for jobs) was adapted and extended to accommodate preparation-dimension requirements. In other words, as job posting, recruitment, shortlisting and application tasks are performed, the information is stored in a reference-preparation-database which can be accessed, customized and/or supplemented as needed.

Collaborations to “ bridge the gap” and to accommodate the context are focused on the following key employer / candidate questions

  • Can the individual do the job? / What is needed and required to do the job?
  • Will the individual do the job? / Does the job accommodate my career path & strategy?
  • Will the individual harmoniously fit the workplace culture? / Does the job comply with my personality, temperament and working style?

Providing answers to the above questions imply that the following workplace information blocks – at the very least – should be addressed…

Can the individual do the job? / What is needed and required to do the job?

Capabilities and technical/technology skill-sets

Job postings

Résumé and targeted or tailored CV.

Will the individual do the job? / Does it accommodate my career path and strategy?

What are workplace challenges and interaction demands.

Job postings

Cover letter & tailored CV.

Will the individual harmoniously fit the workplace culture? / Does the job comply with my personality, temperament and working style?

Soft-skills and interactions

Networking Job Board Reputation is indication, not ultimate, but at least provide some indication, specially when member for considerable time.

Changes in how things is being done and methods.

Technology developments to accommodate changes, which often result in workplace changes and reflect in requirements and needs, and impact on challenges.

What is and expected to happen.

How are the above information blocks shared between Networking Job Board members?

  • First three information blocks (requirements, challenges & needs) are focus on the present and closely related to job board function and features.
  • The last three information blocks (changes, developments & trends) are focused on the future and what can be expected. Although related to job postings, the primary sharing of this kind  information is in the format of articles and to some extent also addressed in the Q&A-forum.
  • Work closely (in preparation regard) with Career Center. Career Center prepare and get individuals ready for modern job market. Whereas Networking Job Board provide the opportunity for individuals to put into practice what they prepare themselves for. (meeting of the past, present, future)

Real time information sharing structure to make the following possible…

Info provision component

Provide information on what is required.

What they are looking for, using job postings to do so

What is needed

Trent’s more popular.

Preparation component

Research to educate self with what is needed to allow spot-on preparation.

DECIDE on which career path to follow and job demarcation strategy.

Stay on top of needs and requirements.

PREPARE a professional path, network & job search strategy.

EXCEL, develop, grow, evolve & thrive professionally.

Idea behind it all and collaboration dimension of Networking Job Board is to use the Networking Job Board to accomplish tasks.

Employers to recruit and appoint employees and candidates to find and secure a job.

Getting task done, also allows for educational, training and preparation purpose based on employers provide information of what is required and prospective/present candidates to prepare themselves to meet those demands.