The Networking Job Board’s core purpose and key mission is to maintain an online podium to strategically close the professional networking gap that currently exist between employers, employees and candidates.

Essentially: Sustaining an online platform and podium where the right employers can meet the right candidates, which imply a professional networking process and recruitment procedure that is mainly geared to answer the following core questions…

  • Can s/he do the job? In other words… will s/he be able to meet job needs, requirements and challenges successfully.
  • Will s/he do the job? By implication… observable presence of personal development, growth and professional excellence, above and beyond from only earning a monthly pay check.
  • Will s/he fit in with the present company/business/workplace culture (i.e. context)? Indicating… a willingness to cooperate and collectively contribute to deal effectively with the many challenges of the modern workplace.
  • How well does the expected job needs, tasks and responsibilities integrate with my current skill-set, capabilities, experiences and achievements?
  • To what extent will the job accommodate my professional development and growth (i.e. career path)  strategy?
  • Will the prevailing workplace culture be complimentary to my personality, temperament and working style?
To successfully obtain answers to the above questions, the following recruiting support functions are built in as an important cornerstone for the efficient achieving of Networking Job Board goals and objectives. Vacancies provide the opportunities – free of charge – for registered
  1. employers to post or advertise vacant positions and jobs on the Networking Job Board.
  2. candidates to create a professional profile and accompanied résumés, which can be used to apply for jobs posted on the Networking Job Board.

IMPORTANT: Jobs will be posted and résumés hosted (i.e. professional profiles) on the Networking Job Board, only when they meet the minimum standards as specified.

Only registered and logged in members are allowed to either post (employers) or apply for (candidates) vacancies on the Networking Job Board.

  • view available vacancies on the Networking Job Board, please click here,
  • register as an employer click here,
  • register as candidate click here or
  • either post or apply for vacancies – if already registered – please login to continue.