Core Purpose & Key Mission

The core purpose of the Networking Job Board is to establish, continually develop, maintain and administrate a  professional networking & collaboration online platform, which is supplemented with the following basic, elementary and complimentary functions & services to…

  • search and filter résumés, available on the Networking Job Board database (accountable résumé search strategies).
  • post and advertise positions (mainly employers),
  • explore, search for and identify appropriate job opportunities ( job search strategies),
  • apply for job openings (mainly candidates),
  • provide underlying recruitment functions (recruiting support) and
  • share contributory human resource techniques, experiences and knowledge (mainly  HR-officers)

free of charge to the Networking Job Board community (i.e. its registered members), regardless of whether members are locally, nationally or internationally based.

Resulting from its core purpose, the key mission of the Networking Job Board is to provide and uphold an efficient operational professional networking and collaborative – online – platform, specifically developed, tailored and maintained to be mutually beneficial for both employers and candidates alike. A professional networking podium sourcing from a searchable Résumé/CV database that is…

  1. current and frequently updated,
  2. structured for effortless and targeted searches
  3. which is flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate individual needs and unique requirements in a variety of contexts.

To efficiently manage the résumé database to be effective and supportive to the core purpose and key mission of the Networking Job Board, implies…

To successfully meet and sustain, the indicated core purpose and key mission of the Networking Job Board, requires the continuous pursuit of goals and the ongoing maintenance of goal objectives

Networking Job Board Goals ►►►

Merging of the Networking Job Board’s core purpose and key mission result in a number of goals that can be prioritized and indicated as follows…

Maintain a constant evolving professional networking online platform, which is mutually beneficial and sensitive to employer human resource requirements and candidate/employee career requisites.

Sustain, modify and monitor a collaboration platform to freely share relevant and appropriate data, information, ideas, views, perspectives, knowledge and experiences, which are helpful and supportive to both the employer and the candidate/employee.

Manage, maintain and monitor the supplementary online  recruiting support function, which provide the additional Networking Job Board functions of…

  • posting vacancies and advertise job opportunities.
  • applying for positions posted and jobs advertised.

Networking Job Board functions, features and services will be frequently adapted, tweaked, fine-tuned and/or changed to accommodate and reflect the ever changing dynamics of the modern workplace. By implication, Networking Job Board members should be informed accordingly and kept updated frequently via the Networking Job Board’s information sharing channel.

To ensure that data, information, content, materials and articles remain – as best as is humanly possible – recent and up-to-date, in order to accurately reflect the constant and rapid changing dynamics of the modern workplace. For this reason, an active operational research structure and network, will be maintained.

Goal Objectives

To achieve stated Networking Job Board goals, entails the continuous obtaining of goal objectives, which can be subdivided as follows

Basic Architecture of the Networking Job Board

Guests (i.e. visitors) to the Networking Job Board, only have restricted and limited access to  available functions, features and services of the Networking Job Board. To fully utilize what the Networking Job Board has to offer, requires registration and creating a user account (i.e. becoming a  member). A Networking Job Board account can be created by selecting any one of the following roles to best suite your specific context and particular requirements…

The employer’s role is for those persons who are looking for people who can be appointed to fulfill a particular function or set of duties in their business, company or organization.

HR-officer Role

People employed by a company or organization responsible for human resources and tasked to recruit prospective employees,  Typically will select the HR-officer role.

Individuals who are actively and determinedly pursuing their dream career by following a pre-planned job search strategy, favor selecting the candidate/employee role.

Recruitment Role

The Recruitment Role is for “independent” recruiters responsible to recruit, interview and shortlist prospective employees on behalf of a business, company or organization.


Core Human Resource and Workplace Focus

To actively and methodically search for, identify, collect and "stockpile" those resourceful individuals, companies and organizations that are...

  • capable troubleshooters,
  • adventurous problem solvers and
  • willing to cooperate with one another and co-create as a coherent entity

...when determinedly seek for and unravel realistic solutions to obstacles encountered, problems experienced and confidently meet modern day demands and challenges.


It is all about contributing attitudes, productive performances and the delivering of constructive results!