Within the Networking Job Board context, your résumé(s) serve the purpose to highlight a perspective or view of your rich kaleidescope of capabilities. It is advisable to compile a number of résumés, each highlighting a specific dimension, perspective or view of your capabilities, linked to a tailored CV (uploaded with the résumé) which you can…

  • select to apply for specific jobs posted on the Networking Job Board.
  • set as searchable, allowing you to determine which personal branding strategy attracts the most interest from prospective employers.

A Networking Job Board hosted résumé exclusively serve the purpose to allow for reliable computer based keyword searches.

To make things a little easier and more structured, the Networking Job Board provide a number of standardized and generic questions (aka the online résumé form) that, when completed by you, might increase your chances of being listed in keyword search results conducted by employers on the Internet.

The Networking Job Board also make use of gamification principles to improve your changes of being noticed by employers.

In our modern computerized screening era, keywords can make or break your résumé. Keywords – typically – are nouns and verbs, but they can be any concept or term that an employer is seeking for in candidate résumés.

To identify the relevant keywords that correspond to your career goals, simply review different…

  • job descriptions,
  • position advertisements,
  • jobs posted on different job boards
  • industry journals and
  • related fields of interest

…take note of the key words that most commonly appear and use the keywords identified to compile a spot-on résumé.

Review A Spot-on Résumé Make use of trade-linked key words for a higher listing in search results.