The journey – in this case – implies finding and securing a job as an integral part of building your dream career. This, career development and job search journey – typically – are steered by the following 3 basic questions that all employers wish to answer before they will consider any candidate for a possible vacancy that might exist…

  1. Can s/he do the job? (i.e. do you have the required background, knowledge base, skill-set, capabilities & experience).
  2. Will s/he do the job? (i.e. do you have the attitude, personality & temperament to do what it takes, which are reflected by your past accomplishments and achievements).
  3. Will s/he fit in with the company culture? (i.e. your ability to communicate, sustain relations, establish connectivity, team participation & sound networking abilities). Thus, will s/he be a “harmonious environmental” fit for and within the company.

The key challenge for building a dream career, and securing a job when doing so, is to develop and establish “Personal Branding” that could – to a greater or lesser extent – pro-actively provide answers to the above 3 basic employer questions. To do this successfully, the FIRST STEP of any job search campaign and/or upward career move, is to clearly define your personal career goals.

These career goals will enable you to effectively and successfully establish and launch a targeted job search strategy and/or professional excelling campaign, that will eventually culminate and manifest as your dream career.

Definite and clearly defined career goals will also allow you to establish personal ‘Minimum Job Standards, which ultimately will guide you to establish and follow a career path of…

  • …development & growth (i.e. dream jobs & career path, sourcing from an Oryx inclination) and to…
  • …avoid a career path dominated by derailments & stagnation (i.e. a life suffocating job and career path, kept firmly in place by a Wild Horse inclination).

We are presently experiencing rapid changing and demanding economic times, which makes finding a job and securing employment quite a challenging undertaking – which isn’t impossible to accomplish either – providing that you are able to efficiently initiate and sustain the following understandings and attitude while building your career and follow an appropriate job search strategy…

One has to remain hopeful (i.e. believe it is possible to achieve eventual success) and sustain a positive attitude while building a professional network and conduct a targeted job search, because your efforts will eventually attract other people and employers to your cause, regardless how impossible, difficult or hard it may seem at times.

Definite and clear career goals, will assist you a great deal in building a professional network and undertake an appropriate job search strategy, despite a confusing, uncertain, unpredictable and ever changing workplace.

Always spend sufficient time to prepare yourself …for whatever might cross your path in future.

When you fail to prepare yourself in time (e.g. by starting with a professional network long before you actually need a job), panic will surely set in and you will force, pressure, push and rush your job search actions in unwise directions by following – for example – a ‘shotgun job search‘-approach by uploading your CV and professional profile to as many job boards as possible… hoping – that by some miracle – you will get noticed and offered a position. An approach and strategy which – in modern times – no longer is an effective means of securing a job. As a matter of fact, a ‘shotgun-strategy‘ merely has an average success rate of about 2%.

Thus, when you want different results or outcomes, you have to do things differently

  • be patient, prepare yourself and take your job search campaign one step at a time (because, a plant will not grow any faster by pulling on its leaves),
  • remain disciplined, organized in your actions and
  • stay on target (i.e. stick to your personal career goals).

It may seem that by doing so, your job search will take much longer – but in the end – a steady and targeted job searching strategy, often result in obtaining a position much sooner, than those who do not spend sufficient time to prepare themselves.

TIP: It’s never too soon, nor too late for any one to start his/her dream career preparation. However, it is strongly advised to rather start sooner, than later.

As you progress in your preparation actions, professional networking and with your job search efforts, you will find that you are gaining valuable experiences, allowing you to tweak, revise and refine your techniques in order to better align yourself with the needs and requirement of a rapid changing and challenging modern day place of work.

Tip: Never stop revising and refining, even when your job application was successful. There is always…

  • a tomorrow,
  • promotions,
  • career advancement,
  • another challenge,
  • …etc.

Rejection‘ will most likely happen a number of times, before you will succeed in securing a job, but…

  • preparation,
  • persistent and
  • targeted job search strategies

…will result in a suitable job at some point in time, often much sooner than expected.

Developing, establishing and keeping to a targeted career development (CPD) and job search strategy calendar, with definite milestones as objectives that you want to obtain, and which can be synced with a ToDo-list, all are key aspects to eventually achieve career success (i.e. to unveil your dream career/job(s).

The urgency and intensity of scheduling career development & job search milestones, will be determined and guided by whether you – presently – are…

For example… A learner‘s career & job search milestone scheduling will most probably follow a yearly frequency pattern, a student‘s a monthly pattern and adults a weekly, if not a daily, pattern.

Also record all career development and job search activities, in a journal or notebook and tick it off as completed – as each objective (milestone) is obtained and/or goals achieved – as this will provide you with a sense of progress and a serve as an accountable source of references (monitoring platform) to adapt, change and/or tweak your career development and job search strategy, as and when needed.

To overcome modern day job search challenges and to achieve success, is no time to ruff it alone.

Reach out to and build a support network with colleagues, associates, family, friends, …etc. and let them know of your career development and/or job search campaign and strategy.

You must be aware off and realize that everyone you meet or come into contact with, might be a potential lead/contact for a possible new job opportunity in future (i.e. a probable part of your professional network). Thus, consistently build and take good care of your support networks… both personal and professional.

Review Tips & Tricks An introduction to and overview for creating a professional profile and network.